Case Studies

Remote data access to multiple vineyards

Our customer enjoys benefits of SmartVineyard™ by monitoring his three vineyards remotely to save fuel and workforce. read story

Organic wine with decreased pesticide residue

SmartVineyard™ supports the objectives of organic wine producers worldwide to use the least amount of pesticides possible and to produce the highest quality grapes. read story

Centuries-old wine tradition supported

See how botrytis can contribute to high quality of wines, and how our customer made the best use of our botrytis predictions. read story

“Pinot noir grapes produce some of the finest wines in the world but these grapes have thin skins and tend to produce very tightly packed clusters which makes it highly susceptible to fungal rot. This is why we have been attentively following the developments of SmartVineyard’s technology since the very first prototype. The amount of progress we’ve seen has been incredible, and we are glad to see that their solution will be affordable for both big and small vineyards.”
“Our mission is to produce top quality wines in a sustainable way. Using the disease management function we have managed to both increase our yield and reduce our environmental footprint. Knowing the exact type of risk we can plan our plant protection strategy accordingly, and defuse situations before they become an emergency. SmartVineyard has helped us steer through without any significant losses, which cannot be said of many vineyards in our area.”