Model based disease forecasts and analysis
On-site, real-time measurements, remote data access
Portable, precision sensors for microclimatic monitoring
From sensors to forecasting

Disease prevention is key to all viticulture experts wishing to grow healthy bunches of grapes. The presence of fungal diseases can be assessed at any phenology stage of vine growth, even dormancy. Of course, good results could be obtained on-site, by taking large, representative samples. However, new precision innovations are available to support viticulturists in their plant protection directives by providing remote access to vineyard and microclimate monitoring.

SmartVineyard system was designed to detect the presence of diseases (Botrytis cinerea, downy and powdery mildew, black rot) in the vineyard. The information captured by precision sensors is used to predict the severity of the disease via intuitive charts and graphs that are easy to access through your web browser.

SmartVineyard users have the opportunity to monitor their grapes, receive disease predictions with a help of a computer from veraison to harvest. Besides forecasting, this solution incorporates rapid assessment of real-time weather display and features additional modules like plant protection or chemical database.

Disease intensity displayed

Disease prediction graphs display the probability of infection in a given interval. The risk depends on weather parameters measured by precision sensors, while scientifically proven algorithms, models are used for predictions and alerts.

On the screenshots below you can see the information our customers receive via the SmartVineyard user interface.The green line indicates the phenology phase of the grape. The dark bars and spikes reflect the intensity of diseases. However, interpretation of these values is supported by the online recommendations of our system.

Your immediate benefits
Decreased yield loss

Accurate information on diseases and remote data access help customers optimize their plant protection processes. This way they can free up resources like workforce or fuel. However, the biggest value is always the amount of yield that could be saved from diseases.

Less chemicals

Reducing your chemical output not only contributes to significant savings on pesticides but also minimizes your environmental impact.

Information on microzones

Due to its precise sensors, SmartVineyard system monitors microclimatic varieties and transfers information on smaller areas. On the user interface you can select the right station to get data on each slope.

Easy installation

Deploying your SmartVineyard station requires no special IT or engineering skills. Intallation of one sensor station takes about thirty minutes. You only need a screwdriver to mount the brackets and set the station.

Ma már rengeteg SmartVineyard készülék található országszerte
Advanced sensors in action
SmartVineyard LHT szenzor a Berkeley Egyetemen
SmartVineyard sensor system awarded by Intel at California, Berkeley University
Integrated LHT sensor

Our special LHT sensor integrates multiple precision sensors to measure leaf moisture, humidity, and temperature. The leaf wetness sensor measures the amount of surface moisture on the foliage. The sensor measures wetness on a scale of 0-15. The sensors is portable to be fitted among leaves. Read more about sensors

Easy-to-use software

The intuitive charts and graphs enable users to monitor grape diseases, and receive accurate disease and weather forecasts. All your data can be accessed anytime from anywhere. Also, the software provides additional useful modules like weather forecast or spraying diary. read more about the software

Case Studies
Remote data access to multiple vineyards

See how our customer monitors three vineyards to save workforce, fuel and pesticide! read story

Top quality wine with reduced pesticide use

Organic wine producers are supported to use the least amount of pesticide and to produce the highest quality grapes. read story

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