How long does it take to receive my order?

If you order the product online we deliver it within a few days through express delivery (TNT, FEDEX…) and, depending on your location, it takes another few days to arrive.

What kind of warranty covers my equipment?

The equipment has been verified for 1,000,000 measurement cycles; we provide an unlimited warranty for two (2) years for the devices and the software product.

Can I track my SmartVineyard™ station in case of theft?

SmartVineyard™ device includes GPS tracking and theft alert. In case the device is stolen the system sends an alert to the owner who can track the location of the device on the user interface. Furthermore, the owner of the equipment can easily remove the stations and move them into a safe storage facility during the off-vegetation period.

Is it possible to add new, customized features to the software?

Yes. Our SmartVineyard™ solution can be enhanced with further features if required. We put a great emphasis on our customer feedback and needs. Our developers are at your disposal to tailor your system to your needs.

How do you guarantee the accuracy of measurements and predictions?

By using high-precision Swiss ans US made sensors, and by applying proved, efficient algorithms for the predictions.

What computers / devices do I need to display data?

The weather data and predictions can be easily accessed with any device connected to the internet. No matter if it’s a PC, smartphone, tablet.

How often is my data updated?

Measurements are taken in every minute. Thanks to the GSM module, the device sends the weather parameters to the cloud every hour, and new prediction figures are displayed on an hourly-basis as well.

What size of vineyard can one data measure?

Because of the microclimatic conditions stations must be placed on approximately 5-8 hectares of vineyard. The estimation of required stations and a sales offer can be calculated according to the exact topography and the position of the vineyard.

Can SmartVineyard™ devices be used anywhere in the world?

Yes, vineyards present the same diseases all over the world, there just might be some differences concerning the law about the pesticides in every country.