Horizon 2020

“Making plants healthier – with IoT”
Information page for H2020 SME Instrument
Our competences in Agro – IoT
QuantisLabs Ltd. has gained considerable experience in the fields of  IOT, M2M communication and sensor networks. Combining our agriculture and IoT knowledge resulted in the success of our flagship project, SmartVineyard which is being scaled up within a H2020 SME Instrument project. 
Areas of expertise

  • Agro data analytics and visualization
  • Sensor networks and connectivity
  • M2M Communication, IoT
  • Cloud Computing

The PlantCT™ project
Due to a winning Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2 project, QuantisLabs Ltd. has the opportunity of scaling up its existing and commercialized SmartVineyard precision sensors system. The PlantCT™ project enables the company to develop an ultimate, precision agriculture sensor network that provides end-users the opportunity of remote plant disease diagnostics and microclimate monitoring.
Scientific background
Fungal diseases contribute to the loss of a huge amount of yield in agriculture. This has multiple reasons, of which farmers’ lack of information on microclimatic parameters is the most serious. Automated predictions of fungal diseases, and microclimate monitoring could support agriculturists in producing the highest quality crop with minimalized yield loss with decreasing pesticide output.
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Project logo
Since the PlantCT™ project involves the scaling of the SmartVineyard precision sensor network, the project logo resembles to SmartVineyard’s, which will allow a smooth branding strategy.
In the press

Presentation by: Csaba Árendás, CEO (QuantisLabs / SmartVineyard)

Press releases, articles
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SmartVineyard receives €1 mln EU fundingRead press release >>
Hungarian startup receives €1 mlnRead article >>
Plant disease diagnostic system gets fundingRead article >>
A comprehensive solution for sustainablitiy
We always welcome the opportunity of having discussions about our ultimate agro-IoT / data analytics solutions. Featuring the CEO of QuantisLabs Ltd. (Mr. Csaba Árendás), this video introduces our winning H2020 Sme Instrument project.

 Csaba Árendás, CEO (about the winner H2020 project)

Scaling up our flagship project
The company’s flagship project is SmartVineyard precision agriculture sensor network. The solution intends to address the challenges of grape protection directives by allowing remote plant disease monitoring and comprehensive decision support with on-site sensors an intuitive, web based user interface. Automated predictions of fungal diseases, and microclimate monitoring supports agriculturists in producing the highest quality crop with minimalized yield loss. Due to a network of compact measuring devices on cultivated areas, viticulturists are armed with precise, individualized data and recommendations and helped avoiding intuition based decision. 

QuantisLabs team receives Agro Innovation of 2014

Some of our recognitions

  • ‘Agro Innovation of the year’ award (2014, Hungary)
  • 3rd best project at Intel Business Challenge Europe (2014, Vilnius)
  • Top 10 project at Intel Global Challenge (2014, California)
  • Top 10 poject at CUTEC Cambridge University Programme (2014, Cambridge)
  • “Enterprise of the month” – Ministry for National Economy (2014, Budapest)
  • Top 10 project at Stanford University Graduate School of Business (2010, California)

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