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We help wineries worldwide, from Chile to Europe to protect their yield against major grape diseases. With the deployment of SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture devices (sensor stations) on vineyards, precise monitoring of microclimatic conditions and the intensity of fungal diseases becomes possible.

By measuring leaf wetness, humidity, temperature, solar intensity, precipitation,SmartVineyard™ stations can precisely determine the exact plant disease situation over the vineyard and provide viticulturists accurate information on their intensity. Users can monitor their vineyard and diseases on their desktop or smartphones.


SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture system is EASY TO…



You can order SmartVineyard™ devices / systems online. The stations are compact, and easy to deliver, so they are shipped by any of the major delivery companies.


You don’t need to be an engineer to deploy your SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture device. You only need a post, four screws and a screwdriver to install your station.


The intuitive interface with charts and graphs enables you to turn grape disease monitoring into an outstanding user experience.

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SmartVineyard™ drives Precision Viticulture to your vineyard


The future of wine production: precision viticulture

SmartVineyard™ is the flagship of precision viticulture providers. Precision viticulture technologies are applied to streamline production and protect yield with minimizing environmental impact. Read more about precision viticulture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Precision_viticulture

Fast return on investment with reduced costs

SmartVineyard™ provides you alerts, predictions on grape diseases as well as remote data access. This way our technology helps you considerably decrease your expenditure on chemical and petrol, which contributes to first year return on investment.

Less chemicals, healthier grapes

Due to the SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture technology, users can decrease pesticide residue and this way they are enabled to grow healthier grapes and produce better quality wines. Take the marketing advantage: less contamination can cause improved customer satisfaction.

Downy mildew alert: within an hour?

With the charts and graphs you are enabled to monitor how intensively your crop is exposed to botrytis, powdery mildew, downy mildew or black rot. Due to the real-time data on grape diseases your can turn your insights into immediate actions.