SmartVineyard is finalist for Intel Business Challenge Europe

SmartVineyard is finalist for Intel Business Challenge Europe

09:05 07 August in News

Considering the organizer (Intel), the awards, the participants and the successfully completed projects of recent years, Intel Business Challenge is one of the most prestigious startup competitions. IBC is for innovative products, technologies fostered by startup companies in the area of ICT, medical devices, bio- and nanotechnology. Successful participants can take a very big advantage of the intensive mentoring and training sessions, networking opportunities and also have the chance to win an executive program experience in the Silicon Valley as well as international media visibility.

The European final (Intel Business Challenge Europe 2014) this year takes place in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 8-10. The final round of the competition intends to bring together the top 24 projects selected out of the hundreds of submitted applications. Moreover, the jury will select 5 teams to represent Europe in Intel Global Challenge in Silicon Valley later this year.

Among the top 24 projects is SmartVineyard precision viticulture system, which addresses the problem of cost-efficient protection against grape diseases by capturing and processing accurate weather parameters with its state of the art decision support system.

The system consists of two main components: the hardware for data acquisition and software for displaying forecast and providing vineyard management functionalities. Fitted with leading-edge sensors (temperature, humidity, leaf-wetness, precipitation and sunshine intensity), SmartVineyard™ devices capture microclimatic data to calculate the probability and intensity of specific diseases and to display information on an intuitive user interface. Due to the cellular communication system, all captured data is forwarded to, and stored in the central servers.Forecasts and alerts are accurately calculated with mathematical models and algorithms and sent to the user interface available on computers or any mobile devices.

„Similar devices are already applied in Precision Viticulture, however, unlike other systems, SmartVineyard™ monitors microclimatic conditions and extends the variety of services by providing viticulturists the most accurate information on the intensity of major grape diseases” informs us Csaba Árendás, CEO for QuantisLabs Ltd. “Due to the special algorithms and mathematical models, our system gives grape and wine producers real-time insight to the spread of diseases, this way more conscious decisions could be made. We are excited in building a new community of grape growers by enabling them to make fact based decisions through easy weather and disease data analysis.”

However, not only the IBS nomination made this year extremely successful for the company: SmartVineyard™ already won a special award of the Hungarian Innovation Grand Prize, acknowledged as the Enterprise of the Month and named among the top ten projects at Cambridge University’s CUTEC startup challenge. Moreover, the company was succeeded in doubling both the number of its employees and income, while the system is already in use by top wineries, viticulturist institutes, universities as well as experts throughout Europe.


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