SmartVineyard™ System components
SmartVineyard™ software

The intuitive charts and graphs enable users to monitor grape diseases, and receive accurate disease and weather forecasts.

SmartVineyard™ device

Equipped with precision sensors, devices capture the most accurate data. SmartVineyard stations were designed for monitoring microclimate parameters and transfer information to viticulturists

Fact-based decisions to avoid overspraying

Grape disease management has become a significant issue in viticulture worldwide. Under certain weather conditions susceptible grape species can suffer 50-100% crop damage from infection. Considering the high value of grapevines per acre these diseases cause enormous financial damages.Viticulturists, in most cases, base their decisions on intuitions which might contribute to overspraying. In contrast, taking weather and diseases measurement into consideration they have the opportunity for optimizing their pesticide use.

Enabling the most accurate measurements

Reducing the need for chemical control is one of the most important goals in integrated pest management. Crop protection can be optimized using decision supporting systems. There is a precise relationship between grape disease development and environmental factors: based on such factors the probability of infection and spreading can be determined. However, these predictions require extremely accurate measurements. SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture system addresses this goal: to provide viticulturists the most accurate information on weather parameters and diseases.

SmartVineyard™ understands vineyard varieties

There are general-purpose agrometeorological stations in the market: for certain environmental inspection duties such a station could suffice. However, the diverse geography of vineyards – usually placed on hills – result in significant microclimatic differences already occurring in a few acres. In such environment a single weather station cannot provide enough information – multiple points of measurement need to be set up. SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture stations installed on multiple regions of vineyards create a sensor network providing accurate information about the various microclimates in the area.

Parcel-level predictions

The innovation of SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture system is that its users are provided unique disease predictions for every parcel of their vineyards. This is achieved by using networked stations and intelligent data processing. The precise, remotely accessible predictions help viticulturists to optimize disease-management and minimize chemical usage.In order to operate efficiently SmartVineyard™ stations need to be installed every 5-8 acres. The system is recommended to all professional viticulturists overseeing at least 5 acres of vineyard: at this size the benefits and cost reduction become evident in short time.