We offer you two pricing varieties to best suit your needs and budget
Option 1Purchase your device and services!

Our customers have the opportunity to purchase their own SmartVineyard devices. In this case the stations are owned by the client. In addition, a monthly service fee shall be paid which includes the GSM card for data transfer, and system updates.

Option 2Subscribe to Your SmartVineyard™ system today!

In case of subscribing to reach measurements and grape disease predictions with rented stations those stations installed in the vineyards of the client will still be owned by QuantisLabs Ltd. During the subscription period measurements and predictions are available for a monthly subscription fee. Prices connected to the subscription for SmartVineyard™ service consists monthly subscription fee based on the area covered.

Wine Producer of the year is awarded with SmartVineyard System
In both cases the price includes:
Precision sensors

Precipitation and the special integrated LHT sensor (leaf moisture, humidity, temperature)

Central Unit

Solar powered unit with GSM card for data transfer

Microclimate monitoring

Accurate information on slopes and microclimatic zones

Disease forecasts

Model-based grape disease predictions via charts and graphs

Remote data access

Online interface available on computer, or smartphones, tablets

Fungal alerts

Real time alerts on botrytis, downy mildew, powdery mildew, and black rot

Weather forecast

parcel-based, two-day weather forecast

Theft alert

Track your device on the online, interactive map module

Online interface

Intuitive online software with bars charts and graphs

Your return on investment

Decreasing yield loss

Having been involved in precision viticulture for years, we have recognized that the corp itself represents the greatest value in viticulture. Our real-time disease intensity information helps SmartVineyard system users to prevent serious yield loss. Accurate data on downy mildew or powdery mildew can contribute to more effective plant protection activities.


Less chemicals

With disease-intensity display, our clients can optimize their chemical use. Apart from pesticide use, related costs may include water, fuel and working hours as well.


 Decreasing traveling costs

Remote data access helps SmartVineyard users to monitor their vineyard remotely, with computer or mobile devices. Getting insight into the vineyard condition without having to travel between the headquarters and the parcels might reduce traveling costs as well.


Less Pesticide Residue

Be more green and organic! Less pesticide residue in the end product could be a great marketing advantage that you can refer to in your communications.


Fewer work hours

Due to the data available online there is a decrease in work hours needed for plant protection activities

SmartVineyard return on investment AVERAGE – calculated from feedback and data received from our customers