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State-of-the-art technology for monitoring vineyard varieties

With it’s precision sensors, SmartVineyard™ stations were designed to monitor microclimates for providing users with the most accurate data.

Precision sensors

Portable, integrated sensors measure vineyard variety

Data accuracy

Data accuracy is ensured by on-site, real-time measurements


No IT and engineer skills are requested

Top features of SmartVineyard™ devices

Accurate measurements

Equipped with precision sensors, SmartVineyard stations capture the most accurate weather data

Special LHT sensor

Portable LHT sensor integrates leaf moisture, humidity and temperature sensors

Precision precipitation meter

Electromechanical precipitation sensor with 0.001 mm resolution

Communication system

Integrated communication system that allows wireless communication with additional stations.

Easy-to-deploy programme

’Easy Deployment Program’ to enable viticulturists to install SmartVineyard™ systems regardless of their location without any IT or engineering skills in no more than fifteen minutes.

Designed for microclimates

Our devices accurately measure microclimates of 5-8 hectares

What SmartVineyard™ stations do

measure weather data: temperature, humidity, leaf wetness, precipitation and sunshine intensity

After capturing data, stations send it to to the servers to be processed

Synchronize data; communicate with each other in case of multiple stations

Devices locate their own positions, detect and report damage and theft

With precision sensors for the most accurate data

The Spore detector is a unique tool that helps the SmartVineyard system to determine the number of spores on a given field in a given time interval. By knowing this information, the infection threat can be more precisely defined.

The Pest Detector helps the SmartVineyard system to determine what kind of pests are in a particular field in a given time interval. With this pest detector, the system can monitor the amount of the pests and the defense of these pests are more effective by knowing this information.

The leaf surface sensor is a very handy tool if you have a lot of plant areas with a lot of variants. If you want to know the current phenological state, of possible infection threats, just check the latest surface image received from SmartVineyard.

With the help of the canopy sensor, the user can keep an eye on the events around the SmartVineyard station. The user can monitor the BBCH stages of the plants, the development of the leaves, the weather conditions or the quality of the completed green work.

The LHT sensor group contains basic sensors that are essential for the forecasting models. The LHT contains the air humidity and temperature sensors, and the leaf wetness sensor. The temperature sensors are measuring the air humidity and temperature with very high efficiency and very low margin of error. The leaf wetness sensor is imitating the surface of the leaf of the plant. The measured values are indispensable in the processes of the models because many threats to the plants are required moisture on the leaves temporary or constantly. The data send by the unit are indispensables for the correct forecast so it is one of the most valuable parts of the SmartVineyard system.

The precipitation sensor can measure the value of the precipitation. By accumulating these data, the SmartVineyard main unit can transmit it to the Backend server to preprocessing. Knowing the amount of precipitation is very useful for the irrigation or from the planning of the works on the field to the vintage analysis.

This sensor is located on top of SmartVineyard™ ‘s equipment. You can avoid unnecessary spraying; you will start spraying only when it is possible. If you can detect any high wind value on the SmartVineyard™ User Interface you can visit the area or peak through the canopy camera.

The Soil Sensor is a set of sensors that contains the sensors that need to be in contact with the ground. Such is the soil temperature and the soil moisture sensors. The data used by these sensors are mainly used by the system for infection models.

The intensity of the sunlight is very important not just because of the plants, but to execute the infection models or generating a vintage analysis. It can affect the irrigation or the allowed time for workers under direct sunlight.

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The central unit of our precision viticulture devices contain the battery pack of the station, and the controller microcomputer with all of its components.

Our precision viticulture stations are equipped with micro SD cards that are capable of storing extensive amount of measurement data. All measured data are uploaded to the webserver (for the prediction algorithms) via GSM data link.

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