Grape protection you have not experienced – YET!
We combined our scientific experiences in grape diseases with leading edge technologies to bring viticulturists the next generation of grapevine protection solution
Why do viticulturists love working with SmartVineyard™?
Grape disease predictions

Receive real-time, reliable grape disease information of your vineyard

Freed-up resources

Save cost, time and workforce by optimizing your vineyard activities and reducing pesticide costs

Easy-to-deploy and use

Installing and using SmartVineyard™ system requires no IT or engineering skills

Microclimate monitoring
Understanding vineyard varieties, SmartVineyard™ precision viticulture system was designed to measure micro-zones. Thus, the most accurate disease, weather information could be delivered, on which dozens of viticulturists rely today. With the deployment of SmartVineyard™ sensor station, precise monitoring of microclimatic conditions and the intensity of fungal diseases becomes possible.
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Microclimatic grape disease forecast
Grape disease predictions
The peculiarity of SmartVineyard™ systems is the ability to calculate local grape disease intensity from the data captured by the on-site sensors. These disease related predictions, alerts, forecast can be easily monitored via charts and graphs on your computer or smartphone. Such information on diseases like downy mildew, powdery mildew or botrytis can support viticulturists in planning their grape protection activities.
Grape Disease Forecast
Precision sensors
SmartVineyard™ systems include precision sensors capable of capturing the most accurate weather parameters. Our special integrated LHT sensor was designed to measure all parameters (from leaf moisture to humidity) that play a key role in the ignition of grape diseases. Specially designed for grapes, the sensor is portable and can be placed among leaves to deliver viticulturists the most reliable results.
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What benefits do SmartVineyard™ users gain?

There are two thing you will notice while using SmartVineyard™: How much time and money you save. And how easy it is to save them…

Remote data access

Manage your vineyard by accessing your real-time disease data – anytime, anywhere

Healthier grapes

Produce top quality wine from the healthiest grapes – with the least amount of pesticide residue

Cost saving

Accurate disease information helps reducing pesticide use and contributes to increasing yield

See how our top customers use their SmartVineyard™ systems
Remote data access to manage multiple vineyards

Our customer enjoys benefits of SmartVineyard™ by monitoring his three vineyards remotely to save fuel and workforce.

Organic wine with the least amount of pesticide residue

SmartVineyard™ supports the objectives of organic wine producers worldwide to use the least amount of pesticides possible and to produce the highest quality grapes.

Centuries-old wine tradition supported by SmartVineyard™

See how botrytis can contribute to high quality of wines, and how our customer made the best use of our botrytis predictions.

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